The Berzerker is a Melee DPS class, and is also classes in the game that has a primary stat of strength. Berzerkers are one of the four classes that use melee weapons. They can sometimes wield two weapons, or one bigger two-handed Weapon.

Armor and WeaponsEdit

Berzerkers are able to wear a plate like armor which gives them more armor than most classes in the game. Berzerkers start of with an one-handed axe weapon, while you level up you begin to start acquiring stronger, but cooler looking weapons like Two-handed or Duel wield.


Main artice: Berzerker Skills

One thing that every class in the game acquires is skills, skills are stronger than your everyday auto attack, Skills let off effects that can help you party by either just decreasing an opponent's health or increase your party member's health.Some classes can learn buffs and debuffs, a buff can increase the peformance of a party member or raise their attributes to help them stay alive. Debuffs are the opposite to buffs, debuffs lower stats of an enemy so their defences or attacks are lower than they should be help your party to kill it faster.


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