Berzerker skills typically revolve around their strength. The skills can be found below. The skills listed below specify which level you can use which skills.

Trainable SkillsEdit

These skills are available to learn for all Berzerkers at the appropriate level.

CS Charged Strike 1 Deal damage to equal 104% of your Physical attack, plus the sum of your Elemental attack and an additional 50.
CS1 Chop 10 Strikes up to 10 nearby targets. Deals damage equal to 320% of your Physical attack plus 100% of a sum of your elemental attacks. Deals an additional 3000 damage to monster and reduces their movement speed by 35% for 4 seconds.


Reap 10 Infused with your burning anger, you recover 50 HP and your weapons deal equal damage to 100% of your Physical Attack plus the sum of your elemental attacks. Has a 30% chance to wound your target and cause 30 plus 1% of Max Physical damage every 2 seconds. For 6 seconds.
CS3 Battle Cry 10 Your hunger for battle become contagious increases your Physical attack and up to 10 allies by 40 for 5 minutes.
CS4 Sortie 25 Charge and stun the target for 3 seconds. Deals damage equal to your Physical attack.
CS5 Shock Wave 25 Charg up and release a blastwave. Deals 100 damage plus60% of your Physical Attack and 100% of the sum of your Element Attacks. Also reduces target's movement speed by 35% for 4 seconds.
CS6 Sword Flurry 40 Violently swing your weapon, hitting up to 6 targets 6 tims. Each strike deals damage equal to 105% of your Physical attack plus 100% of the sum if all your Elemental Attacks. When used on monsters, deals damage equal to an extra 830 damage.

Weapons Specialist

40 The weapons in your hands become as natural to you as your own limbs. Increase Accuracy by 40. Deals an additional 20 damage to monsters.
CS8 Lethal Strike 55 After sizing up your target, you lash out at a weak point, dealing damage equal to 90% of your Physical Attack plus the sum of all Elemental Attacks. If current HP or lower or equal to 1500, then deals damage equal to 150% of your Physical Attack
CS9 Terminal Velocity 55 Leap into air towards your target and let gravity do the rest. Strike the target on impact and reduce its movement speed by 30% for 3 sec.
CS10 Death Whirl 70 A spinning attack that deals damage equal to 172% of your Physical Attack plus the sum of all Elemental Attacks to up to 10 targets within range.
CS11 Spiritual Rage 70 Become imbued withspiritual power that frequently ingores the enemy's defences. Increases Holy Strike by 1% and Divine Attack by 10 for 10 minutes.
CS12 Frenzy 70 Lost in the chaos of battle, nothing can keep you from your opponent. Increases Freeze, Stun, Silence and Sleep Resistances by 50% and movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds.
CS13 Block 85 Using your weapon as a shield, you block 2 attacks within the next 5 seconds.
CS14 Maniacal Roar 85 Your natural propensity for violence increases your Critstrike by 1%
CS15 Sacred Armor 95 A skill once mastered by Hypnos. Reduceds all damage taken by 1%
CS16 Savage 95 Rip out the target's veins, dealing damage equal to 10% of the target's current HP. When used on other players, increases max damage by 4.
CS17 Rampage 105 Use brutal force to remove Freeze, Silence and Stun. Basic damage is increased by 100% and attack speed is increased by 50%, but Physical and Magic Resistances are reduced by 40%. Lasts for 15 seconds.