Champions skills typically revolve around their defence and health. The skills can be found below. The skills listed below specify which level you can use which skills.

Trainable Skills Edit

These skills are available to learn for all Champions at the appropriate level.

Icon Skill Level Description
BS Sacred Assault 1 Fiercely strike your enemy, dealing damage equal to 156% Physical Attack plus the sum of all your Elemental Attacks, plus 320 damage. Also reduces target movement speed by 39% for 3 seconds.
BS1 Divine Judgement 10 Awakens the holy blood of the Champion inside you. Deals fatal damage to up to 10 targets near you. Causes damage equal to 500% Physical Attack plus the sum of all your Elemental Attacks. Deals an additional 40000 damage on monsters. Also reduces targets' Critstrike by 35% for 10 seconds.
BS2 Shield Strike 10 Strike 6 nearby targets with your shield. Deals damage equal to 150% of your Physical Defense plus 97% of your Physical Attack and the sum of all your Elemental Attacks.
BS3 Justice Ward 10 Creates a forcefield around you, increasing your Physical Defense by 300 and reducing damage taken by 300 for 30 minutes.
BS4 Divine Redeption 25 You become lessed by a divine spirit, increasing your HP regen. Recovers 190 HP every 10 seconds. and reduces Physical Damage taken by 23%.
BS5 Holy Sunder 25 Emits a destructive soundwave, sundering the armor of 10 nearby targets, reducing target Physical Defence by 32% plus additional 140 for 8 seconds. Also causes targets to attack each other.
BS6 Divine Wrath 25 Ignoring the target's Defense, deals 520 fixed damage plus additional damage equal to 8% of your Max HP.
BS7 War Stomp 40 Immobilizes up to 5 targets within range for 6.5 seconds.
BS8 Challange 40 Taunts up to 18 targets, reducing their attack speed by 28% and making them attack you for 5 seconds. Also deals damage equal to 138% of your Physical Defense.
BS9 Taunt 40 You taunt the enemy to shift its focus onto you. Also reduces the target's Physical and Magic Attack and Accuracy by 5% for 5 seconds.
BS10 Retribution 55 When you are attacked, there is a 14% chance the attacker's movement speed will be reduced by 58% for 7 seconds.
BS11 Mace of Judgement 55 Throw a giant hammer at the target and Stun it for 8.5 seconds. Deals damage equal to 140% of your Physical attack and the sum of all you Elemental Attacks.
BS12 Holy Barrier 70 A powerful barrier. Increases your Physical Defese and Magic Resistance by 65%, and reduces damage taken from monsters by 60% for 9 seconds.
BS13 Holy Storm 70 A sword of judgment. Attacks 8 targets around you, dealing damage equal to 300% of your Physical Attack and 100% of the sum of all your Elemental Attacks. Each target's HP is reduced by 2% of their current HP every 5 seconds. For 30 seconds.
BS14 Perseverance 85 Instantly recovers 28% of your Max HP. Also increase Max HP by 28% and movement speed by 56% for 10 seconds.
BS15 Invincible 85 You become immune to all damage for 5.6 seconds. During this time, you can cast Skills and be healed, but you cannot be attacked.
BS16 Reckless 85 Sacrifices 52% of your Physical Defense to increase your Critstrike by 30% and Max Physical Attack by 500 for 15 seconds.
CS15 Sacred Armor 95 A skill once mastered by Hypnos. Reduces all damage taken by 15%
BS17 Consecration 95 Always ready to help someone in need, you sacrifice 1000 HP to heal an ally by 410% of your Vitality and increase their movement speed by 50%. Your Physical Defense and movement speed also increases by 10% and 30%, respectively. Lasts for 5 seconds.
BS18 Holy Glory 105 Release your inner potential and focus only on the current battle, increase Divine Strike by 1000 and Accuracy by 250% for 10 seconds.