Scenario Lv.1 Breath of Life
Vital statistics
Start Valkyrie
End Valkyrie of Recollection
Prerequisites 0
Level 1
Location Valhalla Temple
Rewards Experience 25

Coins ???

Previous Next
None Scenario Lv.2 Class's Soul


&nbsp Find the Valkyrie of Recollection in Valhalla Temple.


Finally, thou hast made it back. Does that body still suit thee? Thine memories may be disrupted, but thou must remember thine task.


Thou are one of Odin's warriors, and thou servest him, the lord of creation and the other gods. Because of his existence, the worlds were kept in balance. More will come to thee. For now, find the Valkyrie of Recollection. She should be just down the stairs in front of thee. She will help you remember more.


  • Coins 0
  • EXP 25

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